Dave and Isabel are about to get married, it’s a big day for them and the beginning of a journey they never want to back out from. The priest gave them a special privilege which is to write their vow each and bypass the traditional marital vow they use to say.

Before the priest joined them together, he asked Dave to recite his vow and Isabel to recite hers once Dave is done.

Dave started…“Isabel, I have wandered the earth and ate of the fruit of its beauty but I couldn’t get the best from it. I see myself to be a lost man that pleads to be found by the one who loves him genuinely and you found me. I blessed the heaven and the earth, blessed our creator, and I blessed your lovely parent for making you possible for me. Taking you down the aisle and a hope of putting you through the responsibility of motherhood is a great joy for me. Isabel, you found a man and a partner, a brother and a father in me just as I am your husband. I never believed in a day like this until today, for I see myself to be a man of weakness and fear.

We are about to start this journey of marriage together and it’s my utmost belief that we would end it together. Getting married to you with my dark hair and I would want to be with you in my grey hair. In this journey, I would like to share my joy with you just as I am going to share my sad day with you.  Teasing you and acting like kids all around the house. Isabel, standing here before you is a man who wants his children with you to be jealous of his marriage and build their own on such but better than that. I have made vows, promises in my life that I couldn’t keep but the one I make here today to you will be kept forever and cherished for the rest of my life. I promise to help fulfill your dreams just as you help build mine, I am making this vow on the altar of love and sacrifice. To the world I might be a fool but in your world, I am the noblest of all men. With the palm of my hands will I wipe your tears and form a crystal jewel out of it which you will love. I aint neither a magician nor an artiste but within my power will I color your world and fill it with a touch of beauty. I have faith in the strength of my shoulder where you can lean on and a heart you can speak to, a soul willing to walk the light and dark with you. Let the sun burn my skin instead of yours and the frost bite my bones instead of yours. I have missed a lot in my life but I couldn’t miss the moment I saw you, I wouldn’t also miss the moment you will give me the fruit of marriage. I vow to make every day count and cherished in our life, you need not speak a thousand words before I know what you need to say. In the multitude of words, I could still hear your whispers. Isabel, please be my strength when I am weak and help me walk through the field imperfection so as to gain perfection together. Help me wave off the rain and turmoil of difficulties. I have more to say, a million of dreams to share. I hope to fulfill every vow in my heart and help us live a perfect godly and moral life together in our home. I’ll always love you, in your weakness and strength, in the best of times and the worst of seasons. Death may part us at a stage but it will bring us together beyond the earth. It is a promise to be fulfilled till the final day of calling. I love you Isabel.

Isabel couldn’t contain the tears in her eyes as soon as Dave gave his vow; it’s the best words she ever heard in her life and its coming out from the mouth of the one who she is spending her life with. Everyone in the church felt speechless and emotional, and some where whispering saying “how beautiful and real where those words, I wish I could go back and remarry”.

“Time for you to give your vow Isabel”…said the priest

Isabel cleared her throat as she was about to give her vows with her face beaming with smile.

Dave gave her a look like that of a child been hugged by his mother.

Dave…Isabel said and continued “I have been a gambler all my life, gambled with the men I met hoping to win a soul but at the end I lost. Meeting you wasn’t a gamble nor is it luck, because gambling is all about winning and losing while luck comes today and might not be available tomorrow. You are an opportunity bestowed upon me by God not to lose you or fail but to build with you and be successful. Dave, our son would be so proud to have you as a father and also look up to you to be a man in the nearest future. You are my light when I am burning down with darkness, my rain in the moment of my drought. Have I ever loved before? Yes. But those were just my fantasy and illusion which isn’t real and wouldn’t be called love. Meeting you gave me the best and better definition of love. Before you came into my life, my world was just a game without a winner. My life was just like music without rhythm and a home without warmth. My dancehall has been really missing someone to open for and dance in it.  These are my vows to you Dave, promises I am willing to keep and hold unto. To forgive when offended, stand by you in all situations. To accept your continuous mistakes knowing how imperfect we are. When you experience storms, it isn’t all about you but involves me. Standing on this altar and before everyone who are part of our life; I am making my lifetime vows to you. The only music whose rhythm plays in our home would be love. I promise to build a home without hate with you for hate is a poison. I’ll sing the song of love in our home of love till my voice could sing no more. You and I would be that hope planted as a tree in our home. Have wasted chances but this opportunity am having won’t be wasted. I am here to stick with you forever. Death wouldn’t be able to part us just as life’s trouble won’t be able to break us. To love you forever; I love you Dave.

After the vow, the priest pronounced them as man and wife.

  Family and friends share in the celebration with them and their vows is something that wouldn’t be forgotten not for them alone but also for those who attended.


Marriage vow is something to be kept and honored; it’s all about who you are going to be once you start the journey. It’s about you been able to balance it all up and also bear with your partner when you experience that great difference between you both. It wouldn’t be kept by saying I love you all the time but been there for each other when it’s needed and also been able to forgive. I believe in drafting out my vows myself rather than the traditional marital vow, I want to stay true to what I say on that day before my parents and every other person. Just as saying the vow is important, honoring it is very necessary as it’s a driving force beside love to keep the home steady.