This is me

One who is lively and lovely

I enjoy the sunshine and the ocean breeze

Dreamt to fly high and touch the sky

Thought of nothing than live my life free

Here i am

Getting older and worry more

Sit at a corner all by myself

Once so joyful but now my life’s like a graveyard

See i have my problems

But it’s invinsible to you

I want to shout it out

But my voice couldn’t be heard

It’s like screaming beneath the ocean

Where every words would be in vain

You have seen my silence

But couldn’t hear it

I am the book and my silence the prints

Yet it couldn’t be read

You see my smiles

Guess you think it’s real

You are my friends

Mocking ourselves all day

Your speech are fine

Like a new wine

But you knew not

That it’s really what am facing

Then your speech like wine

Keeps on killing me like cancer

Finally i speak out

Then we all laugh at it

But deep in the sea

Lies its treasures

Deep in my heart

Lies the fact, lies the truth

Back to the night am all alone

I looked at my ceiling, I liked it not

Journeyed to the rooftop, but am scared of height

Tried to burn a coal, but i can’t get it

Then i looked at death, is it the end?

Then i realised that none could help

Except i try to be better and help myself

For others could give the tactics

They could provide the weapons

But i alone must fight the battle