Dear Sarah,

Letter to Sarah

Distance hasn’t been good to us and time though great but isn’t fair for us. Sarah, do you recall that beautiful afternoon with me and you all alone and I asked you a question. I asked where you would be when you clock 25 and you asked me the same.

You said by 25 you would be in London and married to a fine young man. By then you would have given birth to a beautiful daughter and a year later a handsome son.

You believed by then life would have been so easy for you and won’t even have anything to worry about. Deep in my mind, I painted a picture of that and I believed myself to be your future husband because I was willing to propose to you before graduation.

So it means I placed myself in your thought and made it mine. Your wealthy and handsome husband to be, settling down together in London and having two wonderful kids running around us.

I remembered how I couldn’t take off that idea and thought it would all be easy.  Remember we were 21 when we had such dream.

Sarah now i am 26 just as you which is a year added to 25. Lagos is still your London and no ring yet on your finger. Now you hope to get that lucky man to at least ease your burden.

For me, I have no location and no job. A daily earner still lives better than me and also, I have no girl in my life. You are happy where you are but I just had to hide my sorrow deep within my fake smile. It’s been four years now that we talked and I have even lost your contact which makes it impossible to call you.

I see your updates on Facebook but I couldn’t give a like to your post or even comment because I want to be invisible to you. This isn’t what we planned and love couldn’t keep us together it doesn’t mean hate is present. Just that we thought too early and life brought us down to our place.

Sarah, always be happy and let another man take my place. It’s a matter of time before you achieve your dream but to me, I only cling on hope.

Sarah, I am a writer without an agent, an actor who only acts for himself. I sing songs but the melodies are known to me alone and my poems are beautiful but they are just useless in my storage drive.

I might have gotten old before you get this letter, my dark hair changed into white just as the snow. We might meet when my skin glows no more and the best way to walk is with my stick. Have grown beards but then it would have fallen away.

Sarah, if I can’t see you then, it means we would meet as angels in the sky but please when you see me, don’t cry, and don’t be angry. You can blame me but speak to me with that voice I once heard when we were Young and alive. No marriage then but we won’t part again.

Am signing this letter with my tears, might have gotten dry before it gets to you. I just hope you haven’t forgotten me and still think of me maybe once in two years or in a decade.

Always miss you Sarah, I miss our dreams.

I love you with my youthful heart inside my old body.

N.E. Ransley